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[vc_tagline title=”Monica and Sergio will travel over 1500 km cycling. They will depart from Albenga (SV, Italy) and arrive in Amsterdam.” subtitle=”The proceeds will be devolved to the building of a house for the Msolwa Ujamaa primary school students in Tanzania.” icon=”krown-icon-heart-1″]

Our name are Monica and Sergio and, apart from being husband and wife, we have always shared the same interest: the bicycle, which has for some years now been our ideal holiday companion too.

After having gotten over the racing phase, we have for some years spent our holidays biking: in our opinion means complete freedom, a deliberate choice to face unexpected events but also numerous emotions. We have acquired the awareness that we can travel without a car, without polluting and with the perception of being an integral part of the places we travel through. And when we get back from our wanderings, the need to go further grows the need to go Beyond…

This time, however, our Beyond is not only figuratively like a point on Google Maps: our Beyond aims to be an arrow that will surpass the kilometers we will travel and which will come in countries still hard for us to reach by bike.

Albenga - Amsterdam - Tanzania

Msolwa Ujamaa is a tiny village in southern Tanzania, located at the edge of a road of red earth that leads to Ruhaha Ifakara.

FIND THE CURE  arrived to Msolwa in the summer of 2008,  along with the friend Fr. Manoj, an Indian missionary who decided to devote his life to Africa.  We had a call for help for the childrens education. With the usual challenges of an area where construction materials and knowledge are not that easy to find, the school began its service, supported after two years by a new house in order to accommodate children who came from other villages.

The project has grown well, thanks to the caring heart of Fr. Manoj  and each ongoing Find The Cure Mission. Despite misadventures related to the robbers attacks (who caused injuries to Fr. Manoj hand), all the students graduated to state government first examinations (average in the area is only 15%).

Now, the need is to build an house to accommodate female students and let them socialize and learn.

How you can support Albenga - Amsterdam

You can make a free donation to Find The Cure:

IBAN: IT18Y0501812100000000123379
Payment states: Albenga Amsterdam – Tanzania House

You can spread the word about Albenga Amsterdam via newspaper, blog, FB page, forums or wherever you want! Another opportunity is sponsoring the project with your business: Monica and Sergio will wear you logo.

Contact Monica Colombo:

You can pedal with us, donating 1 euro for each km you want to sponsorship. It will feel like you are with us!

We will carry on our shirts FIND THE CURE logo, along to the ones of the sponsors which will help us in this adventure.

All the proceeds will be devolved to the building of a house for the Msolwa Ujamaa primary school students in Tanzania.

We are overjoyed at the thought of going Beyond on what we consider a “normal trip”. The belief that our sensations and fatigue will not only enrich our humane experience, but will also serve in helping others fills us with positive energy.

There is still some time before we leave, but our ride has already begun and together we can all start pedalling.

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